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The Versatile Classen Turf Seeder

Seeding is the process of embedding seed into the soil at an appropriate depth. While this can be done manually by “turning the lawn” and dropping in seed, the results are often bares spots or weak grass that grows sparsely due to inconsistent depth and often spores a higher level of weeds due to the inconsistent lay of the seed. For more successful growth with balanced thickness, a professional seeder provides a quick and easy method to achieving a healthy, thick lawn. 

For bare or thinning turf, Overseeding is the best way to thicken and build thickness in these areas. Professionals tend to dethatch and overseed at the same time, dethatching first to remove any matted thatch and then overseeding. Vertical slicing is a form of regular aeration that interjects hundreds of thin slices not the soil to promote water retention in the soil and enhances nutrient absorption. This allows for the best possible penetration of seed and root establishment.   

These multi-purpose units ease seeding and overseeding jobs with dethatching and vertical cutting capabilities to boot! Easy to use and designed to last, Classen Turf Seeders can easily be converted to a powered rake (dethatcher) or vertical cutter in minutes with easy to change blade reels.

All Classen Turf Seeders Offer:

  • Easy to change blade assemblies convert seeder to dethatcher or vertical cutter
  • Folding handle and quick remove hopper – single pin design provides hassle-free removal of hopper for unloading seed and transport
  • 26 Heat-treated Multipurpose Blades – Uniquely designed with a cutting edge on both ends of the blade for double the blade life
    • 5-Position, Single Action Height Adjustment.
    • Covered 60lb capacity Seed Box won’t dent or rust – mounts high to eliminate clogging

Classen TS-20 (wheeled) Turf Seeder Features:

  • Engine Power Options: Honda GX160 (163cc) or B&S Intek 850 (205cc)
  • Dimensions: H-39″ x W-27″ x L-51″;

      H-29.5″ x W-27″ x L-30.5″ (handle folded and seed box removed)

  • Weight: 150 lbs
  • Can be converted to a powered rake (dethatcher), rake with catcher bag or vertical cutter in minutes

Classen TSS-20 (self-propelled) Turf Seeder Features:

  • Hydrostatic Drive enables infinitely variable speeds from 0 to 3.4 mph  
  • Engine Power Options: Honda GX160 (163cc) or B&S Intek 850 (205cc)
  • Operate in forward and reverse – tackles hills with ease and makes   loading and unloading a snap!
  • Heavy-duty, greasable bearings with cast iron housing
  • Sealed bearing, semi-pneumatic tires
  • Dimensions: H-39″ x W-31.5″ x 51″
  • Dimensions (handle folded): H-34″ x W-31.5″ x L-37″
  • Weight: 237 lbs
  • Can be converted to a self-propelled rake (dethatcher) or vertical cutter in       minutes


 Unit Specs






H-39” x W-27” x L-51”

H-29.5” x W-27” x L-30.5” (handle folded)

H-39” x W-31.5” x L-51”

H-34” x W-31.5” x L-37 (handle folded)


150 lbs.

237 lbs.


26 heat-treated, dual edge, multi-purpose


Briggs & Stratton Intek 850 (205cc)

Honda GX160 (163cc)

Briggs & Stratton  Intek 850 (205cc)

Honda GX160 (163cc)

About Classen

For more than 35 years, professional landscapers and homeowners alike have trusted Classen turf care equipment to transform and maintain the health of their landscapes. Classen offers a complete line of aerators, dethatchers/turf rakes, seeders and sod cutters that are built to use and designed to last. Classen turf care equipment is available through retailers and rental dealerships nationwide. To learn more about Classen equipment and to locate a retailer or rental dealer in your area, visit the Classen website at

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Schiller Grounds Care creates and brings to market a broad variety of landscaping, gardening and turf care equipment for residential and commercial use under the brand names of BOB-CAT, Bunton, Classen, Little Wonder, Mantis, Ryan and Steiner. To learn more about Schiller Grounds Care and its various brands of power equipment, visit


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